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Greece Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh: Greek advanced education is completely administered by the state. Just state-run establishments are perceived and permitted to give tertiary instruction. Some private establishments exist – principally parts of colleges and universities in for instance the United States and the UK. These thus offer degrees acknowledged by the administering assortments of the parent nation. Similarly, as with most private tutoring, educational expenses are impressively higher than for the state-funded colleges in Greece.

The Greek arrangement of advanced education has for some time been a developing thing of discussion – generally because of the progressions occurring all through the European Union concerning the Bologna cycle. As the remainder of Europe run after a quality guaranteed and universally perceived arrangement of advanced education, reviewing and degrees, some state Greece is falling behind.

Greece does anyway have many focuses to laud itself for the global understudy insight. Particularly maybe if you are a set of experiences buff or intrigued by paleo history. What you will discover in Greece are stunning landmarks and all around safeguarded things of one of the most significant origins of the present western human advancement. Investing energy in Greece will allow you not exclusively to visit the wonderful island universe of the Mediterranean, yet in addition to strolling through the old roads of Athens. You will encounter a benevolent culture where time and stress isn’t of a similar significance as what you might be utilized to.

Benefits of Studying in Greece

Greece Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh: Concentrating in Greece gives understudies the chance to learn in an imaginative climate with a huge number of long periods of the history of excellent training, start with the most punctual western logicians. Greek schools are particularly known for programs in the expressive arts, theatre, photography, reasoning, archaic exploration, history and business. Most ace’s degree programs are instructed in Greek, however, for global understudies not capable in Greek, a portion of the in excess of 100 ace’s degree programs are educated in English. Understudies not capable in Greek likewise have the chance to read Greek for one year before admission to a Greek-instructed program.

Two particular schools offer extra projects. The Hellenic Open University likewise offers separation learning programs for ace’s degrees in an assortment of controls. Likewise, the International University of Greece in Thessaloniki offers different living arrangement and separation learning programs zeroed in on unfamiliar understudies.

About Country

Capital: Athens
Official language: Greek
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Area: 50,949 square miles / 131,957 square kilometers
Population: 10.9 million
Currency: Euro
Calling code: +30

Education System

Greece Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh: Higher education in Greece consists of two sectors: the university sector, which includes universities, and the technological sector, which includes Higher Technological Education Institutions (TEI). University Level Education is provided by 24 Universities and 16 Technological Educational Institutes (TEIs), all of which are considered accredited by Greek state.

All the Higher Tertiary state-accredited universities in Greece are public. The duration of the undergraduate degree programs for most disciplines is 4 years (240E.C.T.S). Programs in engineering, dentistry, pharmacology, agronomics, forestry, along with some programs in fine arts, have a duration of 5 years (300 E.C.T.S). Medicine is the only discipline with a duration of 6 years. These credits are accumulative and transferable under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).


Higher education in Greece is free of charge for most programs to students from EU member countries. Other international students pay the tuition of € 11,000 to € 16,000 per year. Specialized and distance learning programs also require a fee for all students.

Full master’s degrees typically take two years to obtain, while a Graduate Diploma can be obtained in about one year.

Tuition Fees totally depends on the course and educational institutions

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