France Student Visa Process

There Are Different Types Of Student Visas For France

Visa de court séjour pour etudes (‘Schengen’ short-stay student visa): You can come to France and study for up to three months on this visa, without the need for a separate residence visa. This is suitable for those enrolling on a language course or short-term programs.

Visa de long séjour temporaire pour etudes (temporary long-stay visa): This visa allows you to study in France for between three and six months without the need for a residence permit. It is non-renewable.

Visa de long séjour etudes (long-stay visa): If you want to study for longer than six months, then you need to apply for this visa. This type of study visa lasts for the duration of your course in France i.e. three years for bachelors, two years for masters and four years for a Ph.D. Long-stay visas act as residence permits and are called VLT-TS.  

Submission of Visa application and collection of passports can be done only by the applicant himself or through a travel agent authorized by the Embassy of France, New Delhi. French Student Visa has two distinct stages of application. One at the Campus France and the other at the embassy. The set of documents can vary for both of them. You would be required to submit originals at Campus France and Photo-copies at the embassy/ consulate/ Visa Application Centres.

Step 1: File Preparation

File preparation is not an easy task and your file plays a most important role in visa approval. So, it is better to  Prepare your file with the help of a qualified person.

Step 2: Online Registration

Create an account at campus France. Fill the campus France form (academics +language skills, CV + SOP etc) and summit your file online

Step 3: The Academic Interview

It is also an most important round in France Student Visa Process.You will be required to appear in person to person interview with all necessary documents. And you must clear this interview if you want to get your France student visa.

Step 4: Appointment With VFS- France

After the academics interview, schedule an appointment with VFS-France.

Step 5: Collect Your Visa And Ofii Form From VFS

In a period of three months complete your OFII form that will validate your student status.

Working In France

Working rights are not included in the France Student Visa Process, but it is the most important point that every individual should know about before applying for the France Student visa:

While Studying:

The France government allows international students to work under the following conditions:

A residence permit (VLTS-TS, validated by OFII, or a residence permit in addition to visa) marked student entitles the individual to accept paid employment for up to 60% of the legally defined work year, without prior administrative authorization.

Post study work permit:

2-year Extension Visa

Indian students who are studying in France can extend their stay in the country after the completion of their study in France.

An agreement has been signed between the nations during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015. This document allows Indian students in France to stay for a period of 24 months; A  12-months visa renewable once for a period of 12 months.

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France Student Visa Process