Dubai  Tourist Visa

Dubai Visitor Visa Consultants In Chandigarh: Skyline specializes in Tourist visa and packages for Dubai . Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). On the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, it is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the country.

Types Of Dubai Tourist Visas

Dubai Visitor Visa Consultants In Chandigarh: The UAE government offers variety of various kinds of visas to people trying to enter the country. whereas a Visit Visa allows them to perform multiple tasks in Dubai, a tourist visa narrows down the scope, with people on this visa allowable to do solely a few things. A tourist visa are often thought-about as a subcategory of the Visit Visa, with authorities granting it for a restricted amount of time. Listed below ar the various kinds of traveller Visas one will opt for from:

14 day Dubai tourist visa – because the name implies, this can be a visa which allows a private to remain in UAE for a amount of fourteen days. It’s ideal for somebody UN agency desires to explore what town should provide however includes a restricted fundamental measure to do identical. The visa is valid for a amount of 2 months, with no travel permitted beyond this time. People will keep in Dubai for fourteen days from the date they land within the country.

30 day Dubai tourist visa – this can be designed for somebody UN agency desires to pay longer in Dubai. It allows one to remain within the country for a amount of thirty days, with it possible for the visa holder to travel other cities in UAE still. People ought to complete the travel among sixty days of issue of visa, post that the visa lapses. The period of this visa are often extended by a most of ten days, subject to bound terms and conditions.

While there ar different kinds of visas obtainable, people UN agency ar traveling to Dubai for the only purpose of business enterprise will make a choice from these 2 choices. people UN agency ar needed to travel town on totally different occasions in an exceedingly specific amount of time will choose a Multiple Entry Visa.

Documents needed For Dubai tourist visa

Individuals trying to travel Dubai on a tourist visa will have to be compelled to submit the subsequent documents:

Passport – associate person ought to have a legitimate passport depiction his/her status. Scanned copies of the passport ought to be submitted (in case of on-line applications). The passport ought to be valid for a minimum of six months so as for the visa application to be processed. people ought to embody the primary and last page of the passport. The scanned copies ought to be coloured, with black and white copies inclined for rejection.

Application form – candidates ought to fill the appliance form for visa. The form should be signed as well. people should note that the info provided is correct, for any discrepancies may result in delays.

Photograph – the appliance has to be supported with a recent photograph of the person. The image should be in color and no quite six months previous. It should adjust to bound standards as arranged down by the govt.

Itinerary – The travel itinerary should be given the appliance. this could embody the dates of travel, copy of the flight tickets, and details of the hotel where a private is anticipated to remain. this can be primarily needed to point to the authorities that the person has all plans to depart the country among a fixed fundamental measure.

Financial knowledge – this can be generally not needed in most cases. it’s seldom needed, but it’s safer to stay the information handy. officers would possibly raise this if they doubt associate applicant’s money standing, and whether or not he/she will be ready to survive within the country on restricted finances.

Address proof – once more, this is not asked in all cases. It are often asked in things where the person’s current permanent residency address is totally different from the status of aforesaid applicant.

Authorities can fire the other document additionally to the aforementioned ones, counting on the individual person. it’s necessary to stay all other relevant knowledge handy in such cases.

Dubai Tourist Visa Validity

A Dubai tourist visa permits a private to enter and keep within the country for the period of visa. for instance, a private coming to Dubai on a 14 day visa can stay just for 14 days. A thirty day visa, on the opposite hand, can be extended by 10 days, giving an individual the opportunity to stay in the country for a maximum of 40 days. The extension depends on bound conditions and not everybody could be entitled thereto.

The visa is valid for a period of 60 days from the time it’s issued. people can travel the country anytime among this era, failing that the visa has to be off. people UN agency don’t travel the country in the stipulated period and fail to cancel the visa won’t be granted one in the long run unless the previous visa is off.

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Dubai Tourist Visa