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Endicott College – Course List

Endicott College of International Studies was set up in 2016 as a feature of the “College for Creative Korea” University Specialization Project (CK-1). Endicott College looks to build up the up and coming age of worldwide residents… understudies who are effectively associated with making creative answers for key issues in a quickly evolving world.


Woosong University (WSU) is a specific school, arranged in Daejeon, South Korea giving explicit instructive plans subject to realistic obscure tongue and front line IT guidance for each critical field of study. Since the establishment of the school in 1995, Woosong has set apart more than 100 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with various universities and schools more than 30 countries. Among the tasks that they make are understudy and workforce exchange programs, joint assessment, joint degree, etc. Starting at now, in the field of improvement, Woosong University is transforming into a fundamental school in Korea. In May 2011, Woosong University was allowed the 2011 Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology’s “A Leading University in Education” award and the second consecutive “Office of University Education” award. The conditions for the “A fundamental University in Education” award contain the evaluation true to form of the informational strategy, the administrators, and genuinely steady system. Woosong University improved than anticipated assessment in light of their worldwide tasks and 4 semester process, making Woosong the principle school to obviously show a yearlong informative program.


Endicott College of International Studies is named after the current President of Woosong University, Dr. John E. Endicott. In the past named twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Endicott is a polished writer and educator. Dr. Endicott’s zones of specialization join all pieces of Japanese and Korean assessments, Asian security considers, with one of a kind emphasis on the Korean Peninsula, American assurance methodology, and master military guidance. His conveyed books consolidate Japan’s Nuclear Option (Author), The Politics of East Asia (Co-essayist), have courses like Technology Studies in Endicott College, American Defense Policy (Co-Editor and Contributor), and Regional Security Issues (Co-essayist). A book on American universal procedure made by Endicott and two accomplices, U.S. Universal procedure: History, Process, and Policy, was circulated in 2005. He got his Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University as a team with Harvard University. In October 2010, Endicott was conceded an Honorary (Doctorate Honoris Causa) from the University of Toulouse, built up in 1229 in Toulouse, France, in affirmation of his undertakings to build an arrangement of worldwide amicability and coordinated effort in Northeast Asia.

Sr No Program
1 Global Management- Like BBA of Solbridge
2 Technology Studies- Computer Engineering
3 Technology Studies- Data Science
4 Technology Studies- Software Innovation
5 Master of Arts in International Studies
6 Master of Arts in Global Management- Like MBA of Solbridge
7 Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence
8 Doctor of Philosophy in Management



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