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Benefits of Studying in Czech Republic

Czech Republic Student visa Consultants Chandigarh: The Czech Republic not only puts you in the heart of Europe but also at the heart of high-quality education and research, especially in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine as well as many newly-emerging disciplines that impart knowledge and skills in tune with global job requirements.

Quick Facts

Czech Republic Student visa Consultants Chandigarh: The Czech Republic is famous for its castles, chateaux, spas and pristine countryside that continue to evoke its medieval charm. The appeal of its capital city, Prague with rich cultural heritage and the magnificent skyline is sure to make anyone spellbound. With endless things to see and experience the Czech Republic is sure to enchant students on the lookout for an altogether different European experience.  

  • It is a relatively safe country with a low rate of violent crime.
  • Fees and living costs are relatively low compared.  

Higher education is divided into Bachelor (3 years) and Master (2 years).  

Grades are given according to ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) enabling students to transfer from one university to another within the European Union.  

Some programs like General Medicine (5 years + 1-year internship), Pharmacy and Dentistry (5 years) are not broken up into two parts; students receive their diplomas (Medical Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Dental Medicine) at the end of their final year.  

The school year consists of two semesters (September-January; February-June) and students are given oral and written exams at the end of each semester.

Admission Timings


January & September

Foundation program:


Part-time work during studies


English Requirement

IELTS as proof of English Language proficiency is required from Indian students.

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Study in Czech Republic