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Fanshawe College Course List

Fanshawe College Course List






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Fanshawe College – Course List

Known as Ontario Vocational College (OVC) at first, Fanshawe College is an open school that was built up in London, Ontario in 1962. Classes were first hung on 28th September 1964. The name Fanshawe was given in 1967 by joining the words ‘fane’ which means building or sanctuary and ‘shaw’ or ‘shawe’ which means woods. What’s more, Fanshawe signifies ‘sanctuary in the forested areas’. James A. Colvin was the principal leader of Fanshawe College. On the third of September, 2013, Peter Devlin, a previous Lieutenant General of the Canadian armed force had become the leader of the Fanshawe College. The witticism of the school is ‘Opening Potential’. It is probably the greatest school in Canada.


Fanshawe is arranged in the Southwestern Ontario of Canada. There are four significant grounds under Fanshawe College. The London grounds spreads over a zone of 100 sections of land obliging 23 structures. It houses the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology and the School of Transportation Technology and Apprenticeship. The London grounds is one of the greatest grounds in Ontario and is once in a while portrayed as ‘a city inside a city’. The London Downtown grounds has three structures. The grounds was established in the year 2018. It houses the Schools of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, and Information Technology and Tourism at 130 Dundas Street, Access Studies at 431 Richmond Street, School of Digital and Performing Arts at 137 Dundas Street. The London South grounds is Fanshawe College’s most current grounds. The grounds offers four projects in Business and Information Systems Architecture, Retirement Residence Management, Business Management, and Agri-Business Management.

Sr NoProgram
1BCA1 – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
2Graduate Certificate – Supply Chain Management
3Graduate Certificate – Health Care Administration
4Graduate Certificate – Construction Project Management
5College Diploma – Mechanical Engineering – Technician
6College Diploma – Early Childhood Education
7College Diploma – Public Relations
8College Diploma – Civil Engineering – Technician



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