normal international travel,Will Normal International Travel Begin in India

When Will Normal International Travel Begin in India? Here Are The Hints

When Will Normal International Travel Begin in India? Here Are The Hints


International Flights: As countries are opening their airspace for foreign airlines, international travel has begun worldwide from July. India has also started international flights with the US, France and Germany. But these flights can not fall under normal international travel. These are repatriation flights meant for a selective few who are eligible to travel,Will Normal International Travel Begin in India.


1. The resumption of normal international travel depends on travel restrictions across the world. Also Read – More Toronto-Delhi Flights From Tomorrow As Demands Soar | Details Here

2. It will not open all at once. The countries are only opening their airports for repatriation flights.

3. The next stage will be tp open airports for passengers from select countries like the EU has done. Russia is also resuming international operations from August only to Tanzania, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

4. The situation will be assessed after the resumption of the flights to see whether the nature of the infection is being controlled by international travel.

5. New Zealand witnessed a second wave of the infections after it resumed international travel.

6. Countries which are tourism-based have, however, opened normal international travel.

7. India may not start normal international travel this year at all. International flights may continue to fly under air bubbles only.

8. In India, domestic flights are not reaching their target for mini lockdown imposed by the state. For this reason, the existing fare cap has been extended till November.

9. International flights depend on domestic flights as domestic connectivity is required for the smooth operation of the international flights.

10. Since domestic flights in India will continue at its present form till November, there is no chance of resuming normal international flights before that.

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