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Liaison College

Eligibility for Liaison College

Liaison College canada

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Liaison College – Description

Established in 1996 by Susanne Mikler and Rudy Florio, Liaison College is a private career college focused solely and exclusively on career training in the culinary arts.


From the first we focused on training the world’s future great chefs. Our chef training programs are meticulously designed by professionals in the hospitality industry, to provide students with the skills they need in today’s demanding restaurant and food services operations. They are monitored and updated with the help of our Advisory Board.


Choose from one of many convenient locations across Ontario. Find a campus location that works for you. Each campus offers our professional training programs yet each of our chef instructors has unique culinary talents to enhance their teaching. If you have a specific interest, such as pastry-making, check out the chef bios at each campus website. You’re bound to find that one of our chef instructors has a similar interest.

Liaison College
Professional Training Programs
Cook Basic - Level 1 Program
Cook Advanced - Level 2 Program
Chef De Cuisine
Culinary Management
Specialist Chef
Hospitality Administration
Culinary Hospitality Operations Management
Personal Chef Diploma
Business Studies Programs
1-year Business Administration program
IELTS Eligibility for Liaison College
IELTS: 6.0
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