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Larnaca College – Description


Larnaca College is one of the most vibrant colleges set up in Larnaca Cyprus and offers high standards of private education on a wide range of programs to students from around the world. Larnaca College is duly registered and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. The College is renowned for its expertise in the area of Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Information and Communication Technology.


Larnaca College also collaborates with Comenius University and is authorized to run a Pre-Medicine Course for students wishing to join Medical Universities. The Faculty consists of highly qualified academic instructors, experienced practitioners and researchers who know how to enrich the educational experience of students. The facilities, the number and standard of lecturers and the coordination of courses complying with the innovative European Education System, all contribute to giving Larnaca College the prestige and unique characteristics of a European College. The college motto ‘Knowledge-Wisdom-Success’ underlies the philosophy of the college. It is an extension of the ethos of the college which is characterized by a democratic and positive climate, respect for each other, understanding and cooperation.

Admission process in Larnaca College

  1. Initial Application


After you have completed a college application form, you will need to submit copies of the following attested documents for the College to assess if you are eligible for entry on to our courses:


Please Note: All attested documents must be translated to English and should carry the name, phone number, fax number and e-mail address of the translator.


  • A photocopy of your passport which clearly displays your name, date of birth, passport number, passport issue date and expiry date. Your passport must be valid for at least 2 years from the date of your application.


  • A photocopy of your secondary and higher secondary school certificates and grades. Your transcript must indicate a 50% average overall grade or higher and a PASS in the subjects relevant to the course you wish to study. These documents must be translated into English and attested (no stamps are needed at this stage).



After these documents have been approved by the college, a Conditional Offer will be issued and sent to you


  1. Submitting Documents


After stage 1 has been completed, you will need to submit the following with the appropriate stamps (depending on your country of origin):



  • A photocopy of your passport which includes all information such as name, date of birth, passport number, passport issue date and expiry date.


  • A photocopy of your secondary and higher secondary school certificates and grades. Both must be translated into English and be attested.


  • A medical report stating that you are free from any illness including Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS 1 and 2, Syphilis (2 months validity).onths validity).


  • A chest X-Ray report (2 months validity).


  • A police clearance certificate stating that you are clear from any criminal convictions (3 months validity).


  •  A bank certificate which states your sponsor’s name and your relationship with the sponsor (father, mother, uncle, etc) and must also state that the sponsor has more than € 7000 in his/her account and is able and willing to support your studies and expenses abroad.



Note 1: The above documents must be stamped by:


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (all except Medical Report)


  • Ministry of Health (the Medical Report)


  • Cyprus Consulate (all documents after the 2 above stamps)


  1. Processing the Documents


  • After the College receives the full set of documents with all the appropriate stamps, you will receive an Un-conditional offer with a Bank Transfer Letter in order for you to transfer the application fee of €100.


  • Once the College has received the application fee, your application will be sent to the Migration Authorities for approval.



  • After your documents have been examined and approved by the Migration Authorities, the visa procedure can begin.



  1. Payment Procedure


You will receive a Bank Transfer Letter in order for you to transfer your full tuition fee to the College Bank account before your visa is granted..



  1. Arriving in Cyprus


When you arrive in Cyprus, you must hold the following:


  • The whole set of stamped documents.


  • € 2500 cash in hand.


  • The College Un-Conditional Offer.


  • The Tuition Fee Bank Transfer Receipt and the College Tuition Fee Receipt


  • A Copy of the visa sent by the College (only applies to visas that were issued from Cyprus


One year (two semesters) Tuition fees are 4500 euro.

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