ireland student visa for indian

ireland student visa for indian

ireland student visa for indian

Skyline Consultants started the company promoting education in Ireland. We would like to thank IBAT College, Ireland for their immense support. Ireland is an English speaking nation that is renowned world over for its friendly people. Education in Ireland is famous for their academic excellence and diverse courses, ireland student visa for indian, known for its academic excellence. The capital city, Dublin is a vibrant place educating a minimum of 10,000 foreign students per year.



Ireland is the third-biggest island in Europe and the twentieth-biggest island on the planet. It misleads the northwest of mainland Europe and is encompassed by several islands and islets. Toward the east of Ireland is Great Britain, isolated from it by the Irish Sea. The island is isolated between independent locales: the Republic of Ireland, which covers just shy of five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, a piece of the United Kingdom, which covers the rest of is situated in the upper east of the island.

Irish culture has impacted different societies, especially in the fields of writing and, to a lesser certificate, science and training. A solid indigenous culture exists, as communicated for instance through local games, Irish music and the Irish language, close by a typical Western culture, for example, contemporary music and show, and sports, for example, football, rugby and golf, and the English language.




Ireland degrees are recognized world wide


  • Why Studying in Ireland: The main reason for Indians going in Ireland is to Study in Ireland, MBA in Ireland, Study abroad is Irleand as an English-speaking country with a long tradition of providing education for international students.
  • There are many specialist centres at Irish universities and Institutes of Technology, which have cutting-edge facilities and technologies to provide the skills and training that students need for access to ‘high-value’ employment after graduation.Study in Ireland, Student visa Ireland, Student aborad in Ireland, Study visa for Ireland
  • Ireland offers a modern and multifaceted education system, which combines the best parts of Ireland’s rich heritage with its thriving, technologically adept society and a unique perspective on the future.




  1.  Dublin
  2.  Cork, Belfast
  3.  Galway, Limerick
  4.  Kilkenny
  5.  Waterford
  6.  Derry


Education System






February, May, July & September


Part time work during studies


Students are permitted to work in Ireland part time up to a maximum of 20 hours per week.


Work opportunities after studies


Students may apply for work permit in Ireland once they finish their degree course. After completing studies in Ireland, a student is entitled to get 6 months of Graduate Visa, which allows you to work full time and also look for a relevant job of their field.


English Requirement


A Minimum Score of 5.5 band in IELTS for under graduate studies at college level is required from Indian students who wish to apply for a study visa for Ireland.


Undergraduate degree courses require at least 6.0 band overall for direct admission. Most of the post graduate students are required to have 6.5 band over all for admission.


An equivalent score in TOEFL is also acceptable.


ireland student visa



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