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Cyprus College – Description


Cyprus College was founded in 1961 and for 57 years its purpose has been to provide a well-rounded education of high caliber where students would acquire the necessary academic and practical knowledge necessary to enter their profession and to acquire positions of authority. Cyprus College offers accredited and certified fields of study, thus, offering students the opportunity of receiving the state subsidy and the acknowledgement of his diplomas necessary for employment in the public, as well as, the private sector.


A milestone in the college’s history has been the approval of his application for becoming a university which led to the founding of the European University Cyprus in September 2007. European University Cyprus offers degree programs at graduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels. The graduates of Cyprus College can continue their studies at European University Cyprus to acquire graduate and post-graduate degrees.


Today, Cyprus College keeps growing offering 2, 3 and 4 year programs of study and prepares students for professional examinations such as ACCA, ICAEW and CAT.
Support from European University Cyprus Cyprus College is situated within the campus of European University Cyprus. Its students therefore enjoy the privilege of studying at the modern facilities of the university and they supported by a large network of available services.

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Statement of General Purpose

Cyprus College is an independent, coeducational college of liberal arts and sciences for men and women of academic promise and strong personal motivation. The College has a strong commitment to higher education in general, vocational and professional education and excellence in teaching, research and service to the society in particular.


Educational Purpose


The educational purpose of the College is to create an academic and social environment, in which students are challenged, guided and supported to develop and achieve their personal and professional goals. Students are challenged to develop as independent, effective, active, rational and creative thinkers and citizens, who appreciate and respect social, moral and ethical values. To this end, the academic programs of the College are characterized by an integrated general education curriculum and strong academic and career concentrations. In addition, graduate programs offer the students the opportunity to extend and deepen knowledge of specialized disciplines and secure additional training for greater occupational competency.


Research Purpose


The College is primarily a teaching institution of higher learning. However, the College views research as an additional important function, which stems from its responsibility to contribute to the expansion of knowledge and understanding. It, therefore, encourages and promotes research and scholarship among the Teaching Personnel and the students and supports, in every possible way, other forms of research.


College Facilities


The ideal location of the College, which is in one of the greenest areas of the capital, ensures the beauty of the surrounding countryside and the ease of travel to the capital center and access to some of the capital’s major business, governmental and social resources.

Cyprus College offers a campus that is large enough to provide all the facilities every student needs, but still compact enough to retain a friendly atmosphere and a sense of community in which each individual is important.

Cultural Centre & Rooms
Athletic Center
Gymnastic Center
First Aid and Emergency Unit
Conference Hall
Photocopy Center

Automotive Engineering
Business Administration
Computer Technologist
Creative Arts
Electrical Technologist
Hospitality Management
Mechanical Technologist
Secterarial Studies
Security & V.I.P Protection
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